Automatic Bee Trainer

Most behaviour in insects is programmed genetically or is innate to them. However, insects have the ability to use their ‘memory’ to learn behavioural-responses, that can be trained through associative-learning. 

Bees are excellent ‘learners’. They can be trained efficiently to express a specific behaviour, induced via a range of sensory-stimulus. 

The Automatic Bee Trainer allows for training and conditioning of bees in an efficient manner, that saves time and costs of conducting insect-behavioural research!

Automatic Bee Trainer

Application of Automatic Bee Trainer:

The Automatic Bee Trainer can be used for absolute and differential conditioning of bees using appetitive training protocols. Training in bees can be performed for expressing behavioural responses using:

  • Odour 
  • Image, colour, pattern
  • Taste
  • Physical waves