Frequently Asked Questions

Why insects?

Highly sensitive in detecting VOCs (ppb to ppt). They can learn and differentiate volatiles within few minutes, while the detection can be done within few seconds.

They are also easily accessible. Numerous insects can be trained for volatile detection. 

What are the other advantages of our technology?

Our insect-based solutions offer fast, accurate, precise and non-invasive detection/diagnosis. Our devices are portable, and offer point-of-care services as well. 

How is it better than conventional approaches?

In case of disease-diagnostics, a reliable result is often based on ‘PCR’ analysis. This requires a laboratory setting that requires other essential components to conduct assays (such as reagents, machines, glasswares, etc.)

In case of other industries, artificial sensors (electric noses) are far less sensitive in detecting compounds from a complex mixture of gases. Gas chromatography is highly sensitive, however, requires a laboratory setting along with the purchase and use of expensive equipment as well.

Our devices are portable and require almost no other additional component for its functionality.

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