Reaching another milestone with our LumiNose technology!

With the portable benchtop device that we have been developing, we have been able to test it in the lab of Wageningen University & Research and we got very positive results. This progress means that the device that has been operational at WUR for many years, is becoming very much smaller and portable, while being able to generate good results.

This development was achieved thanks to the efforts of the team, Angel Marquez Aguilar, Aria Samimi, Iman Kavianpour, 🙂🚀 Leon Schipper and Lorenzo Corsico, and also our collaborators from WUR, Margriet Roelse, Maurice Henquet and Maarten Jongsma and is also aligned with our TKI TopSector project.

"Let's create impact together by making healthier and tastier sustainable food!"

Developments were also financed with support of Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)'s Vroegefasefinanciering.

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