Once upon a time.....

how the journey started

The first revelation of using honeybees to locate mineral-ores occurred to him when Aria saw a photograph of a bee perched on a flower on the cover of a book. Aria realised that instead of analysing hundreds of plants, it was smarter to analyse bee products; since bees themselves visit all such plants.


Upon further investigation, Aria learnt about researches on the olfactory-behaviour of honeybees being used in fundamental neurobiological research and  in the study of human disorders. This concept seeded the idea of using olfactory sense of honeybees for detection.Aria conducted experiments at research centers in Germany and Sweden, where he explored the possibilities of using bees in mineral-ore detection. In Croatia, he had hands-on experience in training bees to detect landmines as well.

More hands-on research and experience was gathered while working in France. During his work in Sweden, Aria was interviewed on his success by popular Swedish media journals and television. More hands-on research and experience was gathered while he was visiting CNRS and Paul Sabatier university in France.

Aria's story

Leon's story

Holding a master's degree in Industrial Design Engineering, in 2016 Leon embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, fueled by a passion to create meaningful change through technology. This commitment to making a difference is further exemplified by his association with Rotary International [Service Above Self]. Most proud on his wife and two daughters.

With deep expertise spanning product innovation & management, and a knowledge base ranging from electronics to psychology and mechanics to ergonomics, Leon stands out as a genuine people-focused leader. At the heart of his leadership style is the ethos, "Learning every day," which underpins the way he guides internally our company.

Leon's story

Nature is our source of inspiration and we want to collaborate with it to create societal and environmental impact.

the COVID-19 pandemic

In April-May 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had already caused severe damage to the global economy, while disrupting social interactions and destroying millions of lives. During those times of utter chaos and panic, the world was in dire need of an early-diagnostic system that could help in rapid screening of the disease. By then, research had already established the fact that COVID-19 caused metabolic changes in the infected system, leading to the release of disease-specific volatiles. Bees can be trained to learn and differentiate between volatiles within few hours, while the detection can be done within few seconds.

Via a mutual friend in the search of an experienced Dutch entrepreneur familiar with the start-up ecosystem and an Industrial Design Engineer, Aria and Leon met each other. This was the start of InsectSense. They decided to explore and apply insect behaviour as a relevant solution in solving the global challenges posed by the pandemic. The solution was to provide a rapid and yet accurate screening device that could detect and diagnose the disease effectively.

First we started with honey bees for rapid testing, called Dr.Bug. Based on market feedback, we started developing ReceptomiX. This is a chip technology that mimics sensing mechanism of insects, allowing us for a more scalable solution for the market.

our values


We are committed to develop well intended innovative technologies that meet the needs of society and environment.


Our future as a company rests on the knowledge, integrity, dependability, imagination, skills, wellbeing and respectful teamwork of our colleagues. We value and constantly empower each other to learn every day.


We strive towards the happiness of all our colleagues and with whom we have dealings, we take joy and pride in our work and achievements. Our families are crucial.


Our products and services have a positive impact on the society and the environment. We promote responsible usage now and in the future.

Science-based impact

We are a science-based company committed to collaborations with universities and research institutes across the world to further develop and valorize the outcome of research and create impact.


We expect profit, but profit from the value we create with high quality and reliable products and services.

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